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posted Aug 31, 2016, 7:12 PM by Cathryn Harris
If you're looking for Dr. Cathryn Harris, she's still alive and still married to Dr. Mitchell Harris, but she has started a practice in CANADA!  Yes, Canada, to be closer to extended family.  Dr. Mitchell will be joining her next year, but he's "holding down the fort" in California in the transition.  Please pray for us in this big transition.  Meanwhile, Dr. Lynn Stenske has taken over IPPC and will be available to meet your needs for help toward growth and change.  Dr.  Cathryn did her best to give the community a clinician with similar background and training.  Just like Dr. Cathryn, Dr. Lynn will be able to provide individual, couples, family, and child and adolescent therapy for a wide range of problems, as well as EMDR therapy for trauma.  Dr. Cathryn would like to express her thankfulness to the Chino community for all her years here.  She is already missing her clients, but has peace that she has left them with good resources to continue their journeys.