Payment Policies

At all times, and in all circumstances, the client or guardian is financially responsible for all services, and also responsible for becoming informed
on all the provisions of any covered health insurance policy.

  • It is customary for us to be paid at the time of your session.
  • If you are insured and we are an authorized provider, we will bill your insurance plan and accept direct payment from them for their portion. 
  • In most cases you still must pay a "copayment" or "coinsurance" amount which is paid directly to us at the time of your session. Your insurance plan will tell you the amount you owe for each session. Be aware that this amount is sometimes different for mental health than the amount you may pay to other medical providers.
  • If your plan has a deductible, you will also have to pay the entire contracted amount for the session until your deductible has been satisfied. Your insurance member services representative can tell you how much of your deductible you have already satisfied.
  • In many cases, you must call your insurance company or their subcontracted service provider for authorization for mental health services prior to the first date of service.  Write down any authorization number they give you and bring it to your session.